Store Presentation Options

Store Presentation Options

  • The holder can be provided unassembled

    Supply the holder from a counter top dispenser. There are two alternatives to serve the holder:

    1. An inexpensive disposable paperboard dispenser.

    2. A permanent replenish-able dispenser. Place the dispenser beside the cash register or at the condiments stand. Place a tag line beside the order number on the sales receipt, for example, “don’t forget your hamburger holder”.

    Staff can introduce the holder to customers providing valuable interaction.

    In the words of Brook, a gourmet burger store owner, “The Hamburger Holder gives the customer an experience that is more than just eating a burger. They talk about the burger and the holder. For me in the store it provides a great point of contact with the customers”.

  • The holder can be preassembled to the burger

    When the burger is served on a plate, customers benefit from a convenient way of picking up and holding the burger. The store presents a smartly branded gourmet burger.

    Alternatively, place the burger in the holder before putting it in the bag. Customers benefit from a clean and easy way of removing the burger from the bag without losing burger contents.

    If your store serves the burger in a wrapper fit the holder before wrapping. The customer removes the wrapper and is rewarded with the many benefits the holder provides.

    Introducing customers to the tag technology (Quick Response Codes) printed on the holder provides an intriguing new concept. The tags direct customers to your store’s own mobi website or the global directory. This additional customer interaction promotes the mobi websites and the site’s social networking, widening your customer reach.

The overall goal of the Hamburger Holder and combination is to bring customers into your store, and keep them coming back. This duo provides a unique opportunity to achieve this goal.

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