• Makes the burger easier to eat and taste better

    The holder effectively contains the burger’s contents so the fillings remain in the burger, maximising its tastiness.

    Unique point of difference

    The holder provides a unique and intriguing first time experience for the customer. This point of difference keeps customers coming back.

    Fantastic marketing opportunity

    The holder opens the door to a wide array of marketing tools and promotional opportunities.

    Encourages repeat visits to your store

    The predominant store experience is that customers become passionate about using the holder, resulting in it being a strong draw for repeat purchases.

  • Brand exposure on your burger

    Branding the holder reinforces your gourmet burger brand.

    Market proven product

    With millions and millions used globally there is no risk, only opportunities.

    Saves you money

    Because the holder makes burgers cleaner to eat customers use fewer napkins.


    The Hamburger Holder keeps your hands off the burger and the burger off your hands.

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